How to Use A Baby Bath Tub With Sling (And What Is It Anyway?)

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Maybe you’ve come here because you’re interested in buying the best baby bath tubs for your little one. Maybe you’ve come here because you’ve just bought one and want to know how to use a baby bath tub with sling. Either way, this complete guide explains what a sling is, how it can help, and how to use it. Ready? Ready.

What is a Baby Bath Tub Sling?

A baby bath tub sling typically comes as a soft mesh fabriq that can be used with your bath tub. A baby sling supports your baby, is easy to install and convenient to use. Baby bath tub slings help you keep your hands free when bathing your baby. It’s a great assistant to have at hand, especially when bathing your newborn.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Baby Bath Tub With Sling?

The main benefit of using a baby bath tub with a sling is convenience. The sling cradles around your little one and provides great support while leaving your hands free. If you find yourself always nervous when placing little one in the bath while holding on to it firmly and trying to wash it, a baby bath with sling might be beneficial for you.

With a sling, you don’t have to lift the baby out of the bath when trying to wash him or her. This in itself can avoid major tantrums and makes the whole process more secure and safe.

A baby bath tub with sling can help prevent back pain when bathing your little one as you don’t have to lean over a lower bath as much.

With some models, like the Fisher Price Rinse And Grow , you can convert the sling into a handy bag that holds bath toys when the child has grown out of using a sling.

Fisher-Price Rinse and Grow Review

How To Use a Baby Bath Tub With Sling?

Get everything set up first. Good preparation prevents tears and tantrums. Get the baby pjs ready, the moisturiser, the nappy and fill the baby bath tub with luke warm water, not too hot. Make sure the bath room has a nice and cosy temperature.

To use the baby bathtub with a sling, set up the sling to the desired height. You want to make sure it’s high enough so that the baby is not in direct contact with the water or low enough that some parts are under water. You don’t want water to get into his or her ears or nose, so make sure the sling is positioned safely. It’s not that it’s not safe to have water in the ears, babies often just don’t like it.

Undress your baby and place it in the sling. You’re then ready to wash your little one. It’s that simple.

At What Age Can You Use A Baby Bath With Sling?

Most baby slings are suited for newborns and can easily be detached once they’re outgrown. Most retailers recommend the the perfect age to be between 6 weeks and 3 months, although, it’s always good to read the individual recommendation. Others state you can use the sling up until toddler age, which starts at around 12 months.

It hugely depends on the size and the weight of your baby and if they like the sling or not.

Where Can You Buy Replacement Slings For Baths?

Although baby bath tub slings are incredibly durable, you might have misplaced or damaged it. For the top brands, you can easily get replacement slings on Amazon. Often, eBay has cheaper options. Be aware that baby bath tub slings are also washable, so even if they look

Are There Different Types of Baby Bath Tub Slings?

You can buy standalone baby bath tub slings that are adjustable and can be attached to your existing bath tub. Some baby bath tub models come with mesh as part of their package.

What To Look Out For?

The better models are manufactured to high industry standards and are entirely skin-safe. Some less known manufacturers or retailers might sell models that are of low quality and could create bad reactions on your child’s skin. Another downside when buying lower quality products is the endurance of the material. Especially if you’re using the sling to elevate your baby, you don’t want any of them to break.

Always read the instructions first and make sure you never leave you child alone in the bath.


It isn’t always necessary to have a sling with your baby bath tub. In some cases, your child might not even like it at all. However, the benefits of having your hands free and giving your little one a sense of security are huge.

Baby bath tubs with slings don’t break the bank and if you have the choice between one with or without sling, go with the that has a sling. You can always detach it from the tub or, with some models, use it as a bath toy carrier bag.

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