Best Inflatable Baby Bath For Travel

The Best Inflatable Baby Bath For Travel (From Experience)

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Are you looking for the best inflatable baby bath for travel? You’ve come to the right place.  If you’re in a hurry, we think the Locisne Baby Soft Bath Tub is the best inflatable baby bath for most people (check price on Amazon).

Just recently, my wife and I decided to take our little one around a road trip through the UK. Not knowing which hotels have which baby bath facilities, we were in urgent need for an inflatable baby bath tub. Major criteria, we needed to carry it along easily for the trip. If you’re like us, buying a portable baby bath is one of those things you hardly think about. Well, until you really need one.

Not only that, but we had to review a lot of different choices. There are tons of inflatable baby bath tubs available online. Not only that, a quick online search will reveal thousands of best baby bath tub reviews. This can be incredibly intimitating for first time buyers.

We were about to give up and after using the Locisne Baby Soft Bath Tub for a few months, here are some criteria you can use to narrow down your options. I think you will agree with the choice we made:

Your Baby Has To Be Completely Comfortable

Everything comes down to the baby’s comfort, and this should be your priority.

If you have ever used an inflatable couch or mattress for an adult, you could think that inflatable products are hardly comfortable, let alone for a child. This doesn’t have to be the case with inflatable baby bath tubs. In fact, the opposite is true as long as you make the right decision.

Take the Locisne Baby Soft Bath Tub we bought for our trip. Unlike other products with a single section to lock in air, this one has three!

The first section is obviously at the bottom to hold your baby. The second section is found toward the bottom around where the baby’s feet would be. Finally, the third is actually the backrest to support your baby in a seated position. These three sections allow the bath tub to be adjusted accordingly to ensure maximum comfort.

During our trip, our baby was about 4 months old and couldn’t stay upright on the tub during the bath.

That’s when I realised I could inflate the bottom section more so that his legs would be raised and sort of keep him propped up without reaching the bottom. Considering our son’s current age, we figure it can stay in use a few more years.

You can also inflate the backrest either fully or partially to create the desired angle for comfort. At full inflation, the backrest keeps our son at a 45-degree angle perfect for his bath. Then when he just wants to play, we can leave the backrest flat and not inflated so it remains flat.

The bottom of the bath is made of a different texture too that is not as slippery as the rest of the plastic and that makes it safer to leave him standing on for a while as you make some adjustments or whatever quick activities.

I really enjoy adjusting these sections separately because the baby is always comfortable regardless of the situation.

I suppose every dad would enjoy doing the same, so it’s as much my toy as it is my son’s.

How Durable Is Durable?

Every manufacturer would claim that their product is durable, but most of the time this is an exaggeration. Here’s what you must remember, your baby bath tub should not only be durable when you’re extremely careful. As a father, I don’t have time to take care of the tub as much as I do my son, and I’ve been happy the Locisne Baby Soft Bath Tub has been understanding.

Once I have found the right settings and level of inflation, I don’t want to keep repeating every time. Indeed, during our week long trip, I never once deflated the tub and yet it was still in great shape throughout. That’s what I consider durable, unlike other options that would not retain their shape. I would reckon you can leave this tub in your bathroom for several days without having to inflate repeatedly.

You will also notice that the material itself is not some thin plastic sheet that could get easily ripped, yet it is also not too tough to make folding difficult. So far, I’ve had the tub for a few months, but there’s no reason to believe I would need another one. With just minimal care, don’t get too reckless after all, I think this one tub will be enough during our son’s childhood.

Inflatable Should Really Mean Portable

The thing about inflatable products is that they ought to be portable, and this one really is. It’s remarkable to watch something so small turn into a bath tub after a minute’s inflation, but that’s what makes it so awesome. You could very easily fit the uninflated into a travel bag without demanding too much extra space. And also at about a kilo, you won’t even notice the added weight.

Once at the hotel, it only took about a minute’s pumping to get it ready. The job is a bit more laborious because it’s a foot pump, but that only makes it more portable. Once you’re done using it, simply hang the tab and let it dry before folding to avoid any mold, especially if you’re going to keep it stored for a long time.

It’s All About The Little Things

You know those tiny details that you never imagine could be a bother until you notice them? Imagine having to turn over the entire tub just to drain the water before folding? Not this tub. There is a fairly large drainage spout for easy and quick draining. The folks at Locisne also added some extra features like a pouch on the side where we keep the shower gel. A dedicated lanyard helps to hang the tub on a hook until it’s dry so you don’t risk puncturing the material.

All these little touches make using the Locisne Baby Soft Bath Tub a lot easier. And in case you’re wondering, the materials are BPA free, so there’s no risk to your child.

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