Avoid Bath Time Tantrums

5 Ways To Avoid Toddler Bath Time Tantrums

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Baby bath time should be fun time, right? But too often splish splash time ends up in tears and cries. Some toddler start off hating the bath, then feel fine over time. Others end up hating the bath. A few will always love it. If you have little ones that hate the bath and if you’re running out of ideas on how to deal with it, read these 7 ways and avoid toddler bath time tantrums now and in the future:

First, there are a few reasons why your toddler hates bath time.

As babies turn older, they become more away of the world around them and how things work. You might have a toddler that throws tantrums when her hair gets wet. Or you might find that little one finds bath time boring and would rather play with toys. Other toddlers hate the idea of getting shampoo into their eyes. There are various reasons for toddler bath time tantrums, but I guess they are driving you mad.

Tip #1: Prepare Your Toddler For Bathing Time

If your toddler doesn’t want to leave her play pen and prefers to continue playing with the toys, don’t just take them away.

Instead, prepare your toddler 10 – 15 minutes prior by reminding them about bath time. Then, five minutes before bath time, ask him or her to pack up the toys. Then, after 5 minutes, do what you said you would do and give the bath.

It sounds simple, but too often, parents don’t stick to their guns or enforce their action too early.

For toddlers who are testing boundaries, you can emphasize that baths are non-negotiable. For example, say, “It’s okay that you don’t like bath time, but staying clean is important, so we don’t have a choice.”

Tip #2: Make Sure The Bathroom Has A Comfortable Temperature

How would you feel if someone took your clothes off and put you into a freezing room? Not great, right?

So you need to make it a habit to keep the bathroom as warm as possible. You can also measure the temperature of the bath or get one of those small portable heaters.

Another nice way to keep the bathroom nice and cosy is by having a shower yourself first. This leaves the room full of warm steam (unless you shower cold…brrrr). Your toddler will feel protected and wam.

Make it a ritual to keep the bathroom as warm as possible. Measure the temperature of the bath or get one of those small heaters. You can also jump into the shower before to leave the room warm and steamy. Often, when your little one is throwing tantrums it’s because they don’t feel protected or cold.

What you can do to prepare your toddler for the bath is to wipe him or her down with a wet washcloth from the tub so he can feel the temperature of the water. Then, you can place him in the tub first.

Tip #3: Distract Your Toddler With Bath Time Songs & Conversation

Talking to your toddler or playing silly bath time songs before, during and after can help entertain and distract. Tell him or her what you’re doing (“First, we wash your left arm, then we wash your right arm and then we wash your tootsies”).

If you’re looking for more entertainment that just songs and conversations, check out these 22 bath time activity ideas that are fun and entertaining.

You can also read bath time stories to your little one so they’re actually looking forward to it. Heck, there are even waterproof interactive bath time books available that can also play melodies.

Tip #4: Make Your Bathroom More Colorful & Fun

Adding color to your bathroom can make bathing time less intimidating. Try adding bright colorful rugs, towels, or sponges and select funky toys your toddler can toss and play with in the bath tub. Think of colorful plastic balls, washable tub crayons, bath sponges or rubber ducks.

Tip #5: Ask Them For A Bathing Buddy

If your toddler has siblings, ask them if they want them to join. If they don’t have siblings, offer you or your partner to join. Your toddler might feel more secure or entertained if they have someone with them.


Overall, make sure you always keep a positive attitude about bath time. If you’re stressed out, your toddler will feel stressed out. Your child senses your positivity and it will help avoid toddler bath time tantrums. When you feel that little one is about to start crying or whinging, start engaging with him or her.

Always stay close to your child during bath time. Keeping your child safe and making it feel safe and secure is key.

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